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Jane Pullam, Licensed Massage Therapist

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My Background

My own healing journey started when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after an unresolved bout with Mononucleosis. After working in an unfulfilling position as a pharmaceutical sales representative and getting sick, I returned to school with the desire to help people and obtained a Masters degree in Social Work.

Upon graduating I felt something was missing. Any sacred healing partnership entered into by therapist and client that did not include touch as part of the healing, felt somehow, not whole. Afterall touch is in some cases, the very first thing we know when we enter this life before perhaps our other senses, like sight for example, are fully working.  And touch might be the very last thing we register as we are leaving this earth.  How can any healing equation leave out such an important component? And so began the journey to learn how to heal myself first and then partner with others to further their own healing journey.  Back to school I went, this time for the license to touch, massage therapy.

My Approach & Philosophy

After over a decade working as a massage therapist I felt I could only bring people so far in their healing. The results they obtained only offered temporary relief.  There had to be something more.  And this is when the teaching of Myofascial Release by John F Barnes (JFBMFR) came along. Here is an entire approach to bodywork that includes the mind, emotions and the body and is remarkably effective in reducing pain and sometimes even eliminating it at it’s very source. 

There I learned that each of us have this wonderful microscopic liquid crystalline filled fiberoptic network that reaches into every single cell of our bodies connecting us from head to toe, front to back and everywhere in between.  This glorious web conducts messages of healing to every single cell, however when we experience a trauma, physical or emotional and often times both, this web is designed to contract to protect us. 

When it remains this way without release it can exert a crushing pressure up to 2000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures in our bodies.  Our fascia does not respond to traditional massage in any lasting way. It only releases when sustained pressure(think 5 minutes or more) is held on areas of the body which have become restricted. Only then does the fascia open, rehydrate, and continue it’s fiberoptic purpose in our bodies.  Remember all of that beautiful water that we have disciplined ourselves to drink in order to hydrate our bodies?  It is not getting to where it is needed the most until we open the fascia!

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