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How Myofascial Chronic Pain Develops

Myofascial restrictions—caused by injury, trauma, inflammation, infection, and posture — can produce crushing tension and pressure within the fascia— approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch. This debilitating pressure extends throughout the body impacting nerves, bones, vessels, and organs.

The result? Undiagnosed chronic pain and a range of symptoms: numbness, stiffness, tingling tightness, and hard-to-describe feeling of discomfort throughout your body.

Although it’s hard to understand, your fascia keeps score and embeds every single traumatic event of your life. Remnants of every physical injury you have ever sustained during your life are  stored in your fascia. 

What’s more, the chemical compounds related to the specific emotions you felt during the time of each physical trauma are also permanently stored in your fascia

Over time the collective physical and emotional trauma points begin to trigger each other resulting in chronic pain felt throughout your body.

Additionally, each person develops their own “fascial signature” and experiences body-wide pain differently than anyone else.

Not surprisingly, trauma to your fascia is extremely hard to detect and treat. Especially because fascia trauma—myofascial restrictions— cannot be detected with traditional medical methods like X-Rays, MRIs, and CT scans

Myofascial Release Therapy: It’s a Science but it Works Like Magic

Unfortunately, the traditional medical approach to many “undiagnosed chronic pain problems” focuses on treating the symptoms and temporarily reducing the pain. Standard approaches do not address and cannot permanently relieve the “straight-jacket-like pressure associated with myofascial restrictions that are the root cause of most body-wide chronic pain.

Since the common medical approach only relieves the symptoms, relief is only temporary. And over time, debilitating chronic pain develops and worsens over time.  

In contrast, Jane practices the John Barnes MFR(JFB-MFR) approach which features the essential “time-release pressure element” technique; gentle but sustained pressure is applied to the impacted fascial restriction areas—for a minimum of five minutes— producing a complete release of the pressure within the tissues.

The technique safely…

  • promotes bioelectrical flow throughout the body
  • produces the natural anti-inflammatory agents
  • rehydrates the fascia at a cellular level
  • provides lasting relief from the vice-like pressure of the restricted myofascial system
  • Promotes far better sleeping as your body can finally relax and rest

Jane’s use of JFB-MFR safely eliminates the pressure causing the debilitating symptoms resulting in authentic healing that answers the prayers of chronic pain sufferers.

Since every person has a completely different fascial signature the timetable to eliminate chronic pain varies from person to person. 

Like any other health-related treatment, it obviously takes time to eliminate chronic pain.  Your body has developed certain holding patterns that do not serve your health. Healing can be unpredictable and non-linear. Some people may experience what we call a healing crisis where their body is now able to get to areas that have been previously locked down and blocked off, and as their body does it’s job expertly, they may experience more soreness temporarily.  The holding patterns must be opened in order to experience full health. That being said, there have also been many clients who experienced immediate relief.   

Treatment begins by discussing your pain and medical history with Jane. She will then develop a plan for you. 

The John F Barnes Technique

Jane is a certified Expert Level Therapist in the John F Barnes Myofascial Release technique.

John F. Barnes is an internationally recognized physical therapist and speaker, and the pioneering authority on Myofascial Release. For over 50 years, John has continued to develop the most innovative approaches to treating chronic pain.

Myofascial Release treatment is often referred to as the most effective form of healthcare therapy.

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